Eat real food, not crap.

The fact is, the USDA food guidelines are not science-based. School lunches are mostly fast, cheap carbohydrates. The last time that I ate a school lunch with one of my kids, we had mashed potatoes, bread, a pasta dish, a cup of fruit, and a carton of milk. Basically just crap, crap, crap, crap, and a side of crap, with crap to drink. (I added an extra crap because of the cookie for dessert.)



Did Trazodone cause my spontaneous orgasm, increased libido, and inappropriate erection?

Here is basic Trazadone information for student nurses and nurse practitioners.

Mindfulness Grounding Exercises

Let’s start this blog by doing some grounding exercises. Grounding is a way to escape from your ruminating thoughts and painful emotions and focus for a moment on things outside of your brain. You can focus on the environment, or you can focus on your physical body sensations.

Family Nurse Practitioner Working in Psychiatry.

Seventeen years of being a nurse. The last seven years were spent in primary care, working with uninsured patients at a free clinic. Type 2 Diabetes, chronic illness, substance abuse, and plenty of mental health concerns among my patients.

Now, I am working in a psychiatry clinic,