Eat real food, not crap.

I typed up a nutrition teaching sheet to give to patients in the clinic. Since my 7th-grader is writing an essay about school lunches, I thought that I might as well make public my dietary guidelines.

3-24-16 Mark’s Dietary Guidelines

The fact is, the USDA food guidelines are not science-based. School lunches are mostly fast, cheap carbohydrates. The last time that I ate a school lunch with one of my kids, we had mashed potatoes, bread, a pasta dish, a cup of fruit, and a carton of milk. Basically just crap, crap, crap, crap, and a side of crap, with crap to drink. (I added an extra crap because of the cookie for dessert.)

I got downgraded on a Toastmaster’s speech for saying “crap” when I was talking about weight loss. But, when talking about simple carbohydrates, crap is the best adjective.

You need to eat fat and protein. And leafy green vegetables.

Meat and veg. Another perfect meal. #justeatrealfood #paleo

A photo posted by Mark W. Harvey, APRN (@markwharveyaprn) on Dec 9, 2016 at 5:27pm PST


You need to avoid simple sugars and simple carbohydrates, like mashed potatoes and bread.

Milk is obesogenic (makes you fat). My grandparents (and my parents and I, for awhile) were dairy farmers, so I understand the milk addiction thing, as well as the milk lobby who pushed for getting milk onto the USDA guidelines.

The USDA guidelines are a billion dollar industry because every school in the country has to follow them. In my 7th-grader’s school cafeteria, there are at least 15 huge poster advertisements for milk!

It is advertising!!! I wish they would just advertise Mountain Dew instead. Milk and Mountain Dew will make you fat and give you Type 2 Diabetes.

Another side note/rant: If your diet sounds spiritual, it probably is not. If it is called “Genesis” or “Daniel” or something like that, it is just somebody making up diet guidelines. Don’t believe it just because you want to be spiritual. God made plants and animals for you to eat. Eat plants and animals, and you will be pretty healthy. (I do like the idea of trying new ways of eating, so short-term fasting, or going vegetarian for a time is a good idea. That is actually what got me into eating healthy for the first time, by changing the routine ways that I dealt with food.)


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