Family Nurse Practitioner Working in Psychiatry.

Seventeen years of being a nurse. The last seven years were spent in primary care, working with uninsured patients at a free clinic. Type 2 Diabetes, chronic illness, substance abuse, and plenty of mental health concerns among my patients.

Now, I am working in a psychiatry clinic, and I am on a journey to learn everything about psychiatry!

This blog and vlog are geared toward other nurses who are on a similar journey. If you are a nursing student or a nurse practitioner who is getting into the field of psychiatry, join me on this journey!

I also want to share the things that I am learning with the non-nursing masses. If you have questions about medications or your psychiatric diagnosis, send me a message and I will write a blog post about it. I won’t pretend to take the place of your health care providers because I don’t know you. I just want to explain things from my different and sometimes wacky point of view.




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