More about barefoot running.

I wrote a post about my barefoot marathon training plan.

If it gets too cold, I like to run in Xeroshoes.  This winter so far has had some record cold snaps. If it is too cold to run a half marathon in Nebraska in May without shoes, then I will add some sandals (Amuri Z-treks). Possibly socks. Possibly wool socks if it is snowing or raining.

I have found some wonderful online support groups for barefoot runners. My group is Central Nebraska Barefoot Runners, but a more active forum is the barefootminimalist group on Facebook. Reddit has some groups, but they are not as active.

Of all of the fitness gurus that I follow, Charles Poliquin has the most street cred. The man is a walking encyclopedic dictionary of all fitness research ever done (in like 7 languages). He has great insight into fitness training for aerobic activity.

I run barefoot because it massages my brain. Long cardio workouts are done for mental health, not because of any amazing physical health improvements. How about you? What do you do to keep your brain healthy? Do you have some fitness goals for 2017?



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