Play, don’t replay! HELP PREVENT PTSD

I am a big believer in video games for PTSD and borderline personality disorder emotional reactivity!

you found me.

Please join our effort to help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder by learning and sharing this simple technique:

If you experience or witness a trauma, play a pattern-matching videogame such as Tetris or Candy Crush Saga as soon as possible, ideally within the first twenty-four hours after the event.

Play the game for at least 10 minutes. It may help to play the game again immediately before going to sleep that same night.

It sounds too simple to work, but this simple technique has been scientifically investigated — and the evidence suggests that it can indeed help.

fullscreen tetris


Researchers at Oxford University tested a theory that playing the videogame Tetris as soon as possible after witnessing or experiencing a trauma could prevent flashbacks, one of the most painful and difficult-to-treat symptoms of PTSD.

How it works: Visual pattern-matching games like Tetris (and Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled, etc) are so visually absorbing, they…

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